Three New Cases of Coronavirus Confirmed: Lebanon’s Health Ministry

Three new cases of coronavirus were confirmed by the Health Ministry Sunday, bringing the total number of infections in Lebanon to 10.


“Three new lab-verified cases of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 have been recorded,” the Health Ministry said in a statement.


“They are individuals who had arrived aboard planes coming from Iran and had been in home quarantine. They were transferred to the quarantine ward at the Rafik Hariri hospital after showing symptoms of the disease,” the Ministry added.


The health ministry said that after PCR tests confirmed their infections, they were moved to quarantined rooms in the hospital.


It once again urged all those coming from countries witnessing major coronavirus outbreaks to “fully abide by home isolation measures and to immediately call the number 76592699 upon the manifestation of any symptoms.”


Lebanese schools, universities and nurseries are closing till March 8 in a precautionary measure against the spread of coronavirus.


Minister of Public Works and Transportation, Dr. Michel Najjar, on Friday issued a decision #104 to halt transportation by air, land, and sea for all people coming from countries that are experiencing Coronavirus outbreak such as China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, and other countries when necessary.

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