Kremlin Dismisses Erdogan Claims on Targeting Civilians in Syria’s Idlib

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Wednesday dismissed claims voiced by Turkish President Erdogan that Moscow and Damascus conducted attacks on civilians in Idlib, adding that Moscow remains committed to the Russian-Turkish agreements on Syria inked in Russia’s Sochi.


“As for the strikes on Idlib that the Syrian military carries out, these strikes are targeting terrorists, not civilians, with the aim to neutralize terrorists and their aggressive activities that they carry out from there”, Peskov told reporters commenting on Erdogan’s remarks.


Earlier today, Russia and Syria’s interagency coordinating headquarters said in a joint statement that more than 150 civilians were killed across Syria in the past month.


Syrian government forces, supported by Russia, have recently been increasing their efforts to expel terrorists from Idlib, the only remaining militant stronghold in Syria.


At the same time, over the past two days, the Turkish Defense Ministry has issued statements, saying the country’s military has been conducting retaliatory attacks on Syrian government forces.


According to the ministry’s data, on Monday, the Turkish army struck 115 Syrian government targets, destroying 101 of them, while on Tuesday it managed to hit 51 government units.

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