Syria Defense Minister: We Will Regain Control over Every Inch of Our Territory

Syria Defense Minister Gen. Ali Abdullah Ayoub said that his country does not compromise when it comes to its right to defend its sovereignty, and that it will regain control over every inch of its territory.


This came during a joint press conference with Chief of Staff of the Iraqi Armed Forces Gen. Othman Al-Ghanimi, and Chief of General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Maj. Gen. Mohammad Hussein Baqeri, following their meetings on Monday.


Ayoub said that these meetings are important and productive on various levels, and their results will help to continue facing challenges, dangers, and threats posed by the spread of Takfiri terrorism in this vital area of the world.


“We do not compromise when it comes to our right to defend its sovereignty,” Ayoub stressed, asserting that the Syrian state will regain control over every inch of its territory either through reconciliations or military force, adding that Idlib is no exception, as it is one of the four de-escalation zones which were specified, while the other three are back under the control of the Syrian state, and the same will happen to Idlib.


The Defense Minister stressed that any military presence by any state without a Syrian invitation is an occupation, and Syria has the right to defend its national security and sovereignty, and this is recognized by international laws and conventions.


The preservation of the geographic and demographic unity of the Syrian state is not negotiable or debatable, he said


Ayoub said the Syrian Arab Army has the strength needed to expel the US occupation troops from al-Tanf area, asserting that America and the others will leave Syria.


He noted that the SDF is the last remaining card held by the US troops, and Syria will deal with them either through reconciliations or by liberating the land.


“Our choice is to live as Syrians with each other forever according to our will and not the will of others,” He said.


For his part, Baqeri voiced his country’s readiness to help fight terrorism, because terrorists pose a threat to Iran as well.


He emphasized the necessity of respecting the Syrian state’s sovereignty and its territorial integrity, stressing that no country should enter it illegally.


In turn, al-Ghanimi said that the security of the borders between Syria and Iraq is very important, and it is controlled by the Iraqi security forces and the Syrian Arab Army, pointing out to the high level of coordination with the Syrian Arab Army regarding fighting ISIL terrorists.


He said that security of Iraq is an integral part of Syria’s security, and coordination will continue through the information center which was established .


Al-Ghanimi said the coming days will witness opening the borders crossing between Syria and Iraq.



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